Caravelle Book?

Date:         25 Jan 98 03:27:17 
From:         Kees de LezenneCoulander <>
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>Anyone know of a book on the subject of Sud Aviation Caravelle?

Yes, as far as I know I have at least two, but they are probably not
easy to get.

The first is: "Sud Est Caravelle", by Alexandre Avrane and others,
published in 1981 by Jane's Publishing Co (London, UK) in co-operation
with Airline Publications and Sales (ISBN 0-7106-0044-5). After a
twenty-page introduction on the development history, the rest of the
book concentrates on operators and aircraft registration details.

The second is "Bluebirds" by John Wegg. I cannot find my copy at the
moment, so I have to be a bit vague on details. I think it was privately
published (probably by Finnair). The original print run is no longer
available, but until about a year ago the author was offering a small
number of review copies for sale by means of small advertisements in the
back of Airways Magazine (of which the same John Wegg is chief editor).
Try John Wegg, at P.O.Box 1109, Sandpoint, ID 83864-0872, USA, Fax
+1-208-263-3313. It is a magnificent coffee-table book with an enormous
amount of information on the development history, and the service
history with Finnair.

Strangely enough, I have no knowledge of any French book on the

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