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Date:         25 Jan 98 03:27:15 
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>Does the N-numbers of all southwest jets end in
>"GS"?  I know that all aircraft who started flying with NOrthwest or
>United end in the letters "NW" and "UA", respectively.  What do Southwest
>Airlines jets end in?  I would think it would be "SW" or "SA".

The majority of Southwest's planes carry NxxxSW registrations, with a
fair number of others wearing NxxxWN.  The 737-7H4 registrations are a
bit more random than the older 737s, for some reason -- besides three
with N7xxGS, there are a fair number with N7xxSA (including N707SA, the
very first 737-7H4).  SA probably is for Southwest Airlines.  I have no
idea what GS might stand for, but N711HK is probably for Herb Kelleher,
and N757LV is probably from LUV, as in Dallas Love Field and also
Southwest's stock symbol.

United's registrations do NOT all end in UA -- they started that with
the 767s in 1981.  Before that, they used NxxxxU registrations.  The
DC-10 and 727 fleets still wear them, as do the 737-222 and 747-122
subfleets (but not other 737s and 747s).  In addition, the L-1011s,
which did not *start* flying with UA, were never reregistered and
carried their NxxxPA registrations during their entire career at UA.
Other used aircraft have quickly been reregistered.  In general, United
seems to be the most picky about getting their vanity registrations --
they'll skip numbers if they have to, which is why there is no 767-222
wearing N616UA.

Northwest is much less picky.  Many of the planes they bought new use
NxxxNW registrations, but a similar number use NxxxUS (all but three
747s, most DC-10-40s and 757s, etc.).  They don't seem to worry about
reregistering aircraft -- a sizable number retain pre-merger
registrations like NxxxRC (Republic) or NxxxNC (North Central, one of
the precursors of Republic), or from previous owners like NxxxE (bought
used from Eastern).

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