Re: UA 777

Date:         29 Dec 98 03:12:40 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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In article <airliners.1998.1843@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
John Wright <> wrote:
>There's also the point that while the GE engine is more fuel efficient
>than the RR (or the P&W), it is so much heavier you need a 10 hour stage
>to make the costs balance - did I read that in this group? I might have
>done. BA will thus probably find the RR engined 777 quite a bit cheaper
>to operate particularly if it keeps its long stages for the 747-400

As I stated in another post, BA has ordered highest gross weight version
B777s which need 95K-lb-thrust engines.  Thus, I think BA's new batch of
B777s will be used for relatively long-haul flights.