What's up above the cabin ceiling ?

Date:         29 Dec 98 03:12:39 
From:         JF Mezei <jfmezei.spamnot@videotron.ca>
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Whatching the hollywood movie "Executive decision", they had a scenes above
the main cabin's ceilingshowing a fair amount of unused space between the
ceiling and the fuselage. (about half the ehight of a man).

Obviously, this is a movie, but it made me wonder: what is really above the
cabin ceiling ?

Is most of the systems/wiring contained in the overhead systems or is there a
lot of stuff above the actual ceiling ?

I woudl assume that there would be water tanks, hot water heaters and air
ducts in that space, correct ? What else is present ?

On the 747-400s there are crew quarters on a second deck in the back. Could
such amenities run the whole length of the main cabin or are there too many
devices in that space to prevent greater use for that space ?

(I am thinking in terms of providing sleeping accomodations to first class pax
for instance).