Re: External inspection

Date:         29 Dec 98 03:12:28 
From:         Larry Stone <>
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On 12/23/98 3:52 AM, JF Mezei ( said:
>Before someone gets to fly those fancy automated passenger planes,
>doesn't he/she *HAVE* to start with small planes such as CESSNAs and
>progress upwards as their experience/fliying hours increase ?

Have to? No. Most do but there's no requirement to do so. I know an
airline pilot who does not have a single-engine rating, only multi-engine
(note though that he was a military pilot and when he converted, only
qualified for multi - I do not know if he had any single-engine
experience or not).

>If that is the case, isn't flying "manual" somewhat like riding a bike,
>something you don't really forget ? So, when your instruments fail you
>on one of them fancy planes, shouldn't the pilots still be able to fly
>by the seat of their pants which is what they did when they started off
>on those small planes ?

Those raw flying skills can get rusty pretty quickly.

-- Larry Stone