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Date:         29 Dec 98 03:12:25 
From:         James Matthew Weber <>
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>At the risk of sounding the fool, and admitting not to be an expert,
>wouldn't the prudent pilot abort the takeoff roll if airspeed
>indications were severly off the mark (i.e. at the cross-check)? I
>can't believe that any handling pilot would just eyeball the decision
>and rotation speeds.

You would certainly think so, but it seems the pressures of trying to
maintain schedule often seem to push this kind of rationality into the
back of the aircraft, often with very unpleaseant results.

When Air Florida flight 90 went down in Washington DC, the FO knew
something wasn't right, but the PIC took off anyway.  Didn't stay
airborne for long.

Early this year a CAL crew attempted a 3 engine takeoff in a 747, ( I
think it was at MNL) and didn't get it right. totalled the aircraft.
(They knew they only had 3 engines, it was a ferry flight to try to get
the aircraft repairs. Needless to say, aircraft ended up in a lot worse
shape). I doubt these are the only cases where this sort of thing has

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