Stand-by instruments (was external inspection)

Date:         29 Dec 98 03:12:24 
From:         "M. Jones" <>
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>You may not be aware that the flight instruments in newer transports are
>electrically driven instruments; that is to say breaking the VSI or
>other pressure gauge might work in a light plane but will not recover
>the pitot-static system ...

No, I wouldn't think breaking the glass of the CRT's would work, either, :-)
and that's not what I intended to convey.  I was referring to the stand-by
instruments, and the possibility that they are still hooked up in a
'traditional', direct fashion.  I don't believe that this would be an option in
the newest generation (777, et al) but may have still have been an option on
the 757/767 with its combination of 'steam' gages and CRT's.  Or are you saying
that even the stand-by gages are driven by air-data computers?

Mike J.