Re: Does B737-400/500 have dump fuel system?

Date:         23 Dec 98 03:53:02 
From:         "Michael F. Lechnar" <>
Organization: nams
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PS2727 wrote:
> Not all long range airplanes have dump systems. The 767 and 757 are long range
> and yet most do not have dump capability. Only 767-300 models and then not all
> 300's. All aircraft must demonstrate a landing with a max fuel load anyway
> (even when they have a dump system) to be certified. If an overweight landing
> is made a maintenance inspection must be done. The FAR's describe when dump
> systems are required and I believe Boeing obtained a waiver to certify the 757
> and 767 without such systems.

No "waiver" was necessary.  Both airplanes, at the time that they were
introduced, met all of the applicable FARs for engine-out performance
during approach climbs and landing climbs at all weights up to max

Mike Lechnar
Aircraft Performance Engineer
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