Re: Re-engining 747s

Date:         23 Dec 98 03:52:56 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>1) Many 707-100s were reengined from JT3Cs to JT3Ds.  I think some 720s
>were also reengined in the same way.

True, though I did say "where jetliners underwent a major re-enginging
not for efficiency but simply for convenience" -- those 707 reenginings
were clearly upgrades, not lateral moves like the Atlas 747s.  (Let's
not quibble about the fact that swapping a JT9D for a CF6-80 might well
constitute an upgrade!)

>2) A VC-10 had a RB.211 installed on the port side for flight test

How could I forget that one!  Quite distinctive.  Again, I was looking
for oddball, lateral moves, not flight test aircraft, which are common
enough examples of weird engine mountings.  As long as you brought the
subject up, there's also the aft-mounted JT8D on the 367-80, simulating
the 727.  I didn't see that in your impressive list.

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