Re: Re-engining 747s

Date:         23 Dec 98 03:52:55 
From:         David Lednicer <>
Organization: Analytical Methods, Inc.
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Off the top of my head:

1) Many 707-100s were reengined from JT3Cs to JT3Ds.  I think some 720s
were also reengined in the same way.

2) A VC-10 had a RB.211 installed on the port side for flight test

3) The Caravelle "Horizon" first flew with GE aft fan engines, but was
later reengined with JT8Ds.

4) A Caravelle was flown with a CFM56 on one side for development work.

5) As you mentioned, the GE 747 has flown with a GE-90 in the #2
position, but it also has flown with a CFM56 there too.

6) The #1 747 has flown with a Trent in the #2 position, as well as the
PW4000.  I would guess that it also has flown with a CF6.

7) P&WC's 720 has flown with a V2500 in the #3 position, as well as with
a PW300 and PW500 attached to a pylon hung off the forward fuselage and
also with a PW100 in the nose.

8) Allied Signal's 720 has flown with a TPE351 (the CBA-123 engine) hung
on a pylon on the forward fuselage.

9) GE's 707 has flown with a CFM56 hung on the #2(?) pylon.

10) They aren't truely airliners, but the USAF's E-4 NECAP aircraft
first flew with JT9Ds, but were quickly reengined with CF6s.

11) Dee Howard reengined one BAC 1-11-400 with Tays.

12) Dee Howard has reengined UPS's 727-100s with Tays.

13) Valsan was changing the #1 and #3 engines on 727s from JT8Ds to
JT8D-200s.  Despite the similarity in names, these engines are rather

14) ABX has put DC-8-62/-63 pylons and nacelles on their DC-8-61s.  Not
a true reengining, but still a big change.

15) The #1 MD-80 flew with both a GE UDF and a P&W/Allison propfan on
the #1 pylon.

16) A 727-100 flew with the GE UDF in the #3 position.

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