Re: External inspection

Date:         23 Dec 98 03:52:45 
From:         N907AW <>
Organization: International Brotherhood of Tarver Whack-a-loons
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Reactionary training... because of this accident, crews are being
trained to set up flight based solely on aircraft pitch attitude,
configuration and power settings.  Eliminate all automation, fly by
hand, using pitch and power settings for each phase of flight...
B757, Level flt, <10,000' 250kts, clean = 5degrees of pitch, 1.2 EPR,
60% N1(Fan spd).etc...

The AeroPeru crew, had they thought about it, could have used the
IRS(IRU's) for speed information.

As to who does the walkaround, F/O almost always does it, but if he's
swamped by paperwork or cockpit setup, Captain will do the walkaround.

TJ, B757 IP