Re: Fuel Dump Question

Date:         07 Dec 98 23:19:38 
From:         Patt <>
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A couple of comments regarding fuel dumping...

The 727 has standpipes in the tanks, which limit the fuel dumped even if
the F/E is distracted and leaves the dump valves open.

It's been years, and I don't have my 727 AFM available (help!), but I
recall if you dump to the standpipes, the system will dump down to
around 2,200 lbs per tank (2.2 x 3 = 6.6 lbs).  Taking into account
unusable fuel, fuel gage error (+/- 3% allowed on Smith Ind. digital
gages), minimum fuel required for go-around (pitch angle) etc., that
ain't much fuel!

When conditions permitted a return to the departure airport I'd tell the
F/E in the event of an engine failure on take-off "surprize me how quick
you can dump to 10,000 lbs, and.... I want to see kerosene on the far
end of the runway when we return".  That's an exaggeration, but I did
want to impress on the F/E to start dumping immediately.

On another note, in the summer of '88 I took off out of EWR going to AUA
with a full load of pax and fuel at max T.O. weight. On climb out, one
of the LE slats would not retract, necessitating a return. We called NY
apch and told them we needed to dump down to landing weight and return
to EWR.  I expected to be vectored out over the ocean to dump, but was
given a clearance to hold about 30 miles SW of EWR (over Solberg if
memory serves). So... we dumped 35,000 lbs of fuel over that area.

On the ground, I called NY approach control on the phone and asked why
we didn't dump the fuel over water rather than over a populated area.
The response from the controller was... "the EPA raises hell and will
not allow dumping over water".  No telling how many square miles of
NJ/PA we defoliated with 35,000 lbs of jet fuel at 6,000' in a holding