Re: Fuel Dump Question

Date:         07 Dec 98 23:19:36 
From:         "Peter Mchugh"<>
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I guess the fuel dump question didn't interest me as much as other
threads until this message which raises a point I could avoid asking

The best "field" test to determine if AVGAS has jet fuel contamination
is the "white paper spot" test (my convoluted naming) where a pilot
takes a drop of AVGAS and places it on a dry, clean piece of white
paper...if the fuel drop evaporates there is no Jet fuel....if a visible
spot remains, there is....

So the question raised is, If this test works (and it does!), and if a
small bit of Jet Fuel contained in a sample of AVGAS will persist on the
paper for any extended period (and it does!) then how accurate are the
claims in the several Bluecoat posts that 1000s of pounds of Jet
dispensed at altitude will "vaporize" before falling to earth.... I
think we have overstated the propensity of kerosene to evaporate... and
believe that dumping can't be as environmentally clean as suggested.  I
far better like the over weight landing option (when feasible) in terms
of the longevity of the greater numbers of living things.