Re: 319 Dutch Roll?

Date:         07 Dec 98 23:19:32 
From: (John M. Hunt)
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MJones <> wrote:
>>As it is a function of sweep back above a certain angle ,what you observed,
>>developing regularly and appearing to be almost permanent, is normal.
>Dutch roll is by no means confined to planes with swept wings, although
>wing sweep on planes so configured certainly is a contributor.  A high
>slip-roll coupling, due to wing sweep, dihedral or interference effects, an
>'oversized'  vert. stab. perhaps included to improve roll stability
>(decreasing the tendency to go off on a wing) are all possibilities.

In reasonably direct connection with this subject, exactly how
difficult is it for commercial airline pilots at the bottom end of the
coordination skill/"stick and rudder" range to make multi-hour flights
without assistance of the yaw damper?  Is it a minor nuisance or a
major distraction?  Is departure with an inoperative yaw damper legal?

I am, of course, referring to the swept wing fan jets, not straight
wing turboprops.

John M. Hunt