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Date:         07 Dec 98 23:19:10 
From:         "Galen L. Hinshaw" <>
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Stephan Stephany LAC-CC wrote in message ...
>Concerning an airliner, who is in charge of
>the external inspection? The PIC/1st officer
>or some people from ground staff?

The PIC is responsible for the preflight walkaround.

>Concerning the AeroPeru 757 crash (2/10/96):
> Preliminary investigation results showed that the
> aircraft's three static ports on the left side were obstructed by
> masking tape. The tape had been applied before washing and polishing of
> the aircraft prior to the accident flight."

The FAA 9even though this was not in the US jurisdiction) has since required
that any time a static port or pitot tube is covered, that it has a
high-visibilty (red) streamer attached and a notation of the condition is
made in the aircraft record so as to insure its removal prior to flight.

>but just out of curiosity: could some pressure
>indicator (if there is any) of the pressurization system had given to
>the crew an idea of the outside pressure and (in consequence) of the
>real altitude?

Nope. The cabin pressurization system only indicates differential pressure
between the exterior and interior of the aircraft, and cabin pressure
altitude. A fast-thinking flight officer could WAG at the outside altitude
at best by this, but by this time he's got too many bells and horns going on
to allow time for even that.