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Date:         07 Dec 98 23:19:08 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>IFR would add some complications, but AFAIK, it was VFR.

According to the transcript you refered to, the flight took off at about
42 minutes past midnight, with the final recording at 01:11:16.  Hardly
VFR conditions.

>Likewise by asking ATC for altitude info, since that altitude info
>would come from the aircraft's (erroneous) Mode-C transponder, the crew
>showed a lack of understanding of very basic precepts.

True, though it's a lot easier to remember that while sitting in a
comfortable office than when you're in the heat of battle, over the
Pacific in the dark of night, with your key instruments having gone
nuts.  It's also increasingly the case that flight crews are trained
in managing the automation, sacrificing basic systems knowledge, so
they aren't equipped to deal with what happens when those systems
fail you.

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