crash of peruvian 737/ may98

Date:         30 Nov 98 03:07:59 
From:         "pierre salazar" <>
Organization: Club-Internet (France)
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please excuse my poor technical english.

I'm the son of captain salazar who crashed in may 98 on his 737 over
peruvian jungle.state of mainas.
this carrier was hired by peruvian army to take some workers of a petroleum
company (occidental petroleum)to a platform  in the middle of the jungle.
if somebody can help me to understand what happened to him cause information
about the crash seems  to be intoxicated by peruvian army.another point is
what are the international laws about insurances and how much is suppose to
be the amount of this. all info about this in peru seems difficult to long as this happenned already 6 months ago, i will maybe need
representation of a lawyer.can anyone of you bring his help?

the only details that i have about the crash are strange but maybe some of
you could bring a new light to it:
the plane that he was flying was one of two  737 that peruvian airforce
bought to India a few weeks before and that my father bring from there till
Lima.Only 1 week later he crashed at , as long as i know , 5 km of landing.
the 2 flight recorders are unreadable, the investigators said.several people
how can i , as his son, be able to have an acces to the official report?

any detail or help will be welcome

many thanks