Re: Seaplane Design: (was: Boeing B-314)

Date:         30 Nov 98 03:07:55 
From:         "Walter E. Shepherd" <>
Organization: The Aerospace Corporation
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I'm not an aeronautical engineer... so take it for what it's worth... I
would hazard a guess that sponsons and wingtip floats both add drag.
Sponsons however would seem to be capable of offering some lift in return
for the drag, whereas floats don't seem to do much for you in flight.
Sponsons might have to be heavier to take the load... and so maybe there's
a weight penalty over floats. The approach used on later versions of the
PBY Catalina would seem to offer some relief on both counts... retractable
wing tip floats which fold into and are countoured with the wing tip.
--Walt Shepherd.