Re: Cntl-Alt-Flaps

Date:         30 Nov 98 03:07:43 
From:         Louis Krupp <>
Organization: Rocky Mountain Internet - 1(800)-900-RMII
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David Lesher wrote:
> After we were seated, the captain announced he needed to "turn off
> the lights for a minute..." and then proceeded to reboot the entire
> aircraft. Not even emergency exit lighting stayed on; the only
> illumination was via the open door and the jetway.


> I think I'll stick to Boeing in the future...

It's not just Airbus.

In 1995, I was listening to channel 9 on a United 767 as we were
pushed back from the gate in Paris.  There was an electrical
problem, and we were going nowhere.  The captain turned the
plane off and then back on, and away we went.

Louis Krupp