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Date:         30 Nov 98 03:07:40 
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In article <airliners.1998.1734@ohare.Chicago.COM>, kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
> >Is the dumping of fuel something which is done in circumstances
> >which are not actual emergencies and which require the plane to
> >abide by congested airport queing and waiting (thus requirememt to
> >stay in air 45 minutes) or is fuel dump done only in circumstances
> >requiring immediate landing ...
> Several years ago, a Virgin 747 departing SFO for LHR ingested some
> birds after takeoff and lost an engine.  The most sensible thing for
> them to do in that case was to return to SFO.  They had to dump fuel
> to get down to MLW but a 747 can fly reasonably well on only three
> engines, so there was no emergency.  Once they got down to an acceptable
> landing weight they presumably entered the approach pattern and landed
> pretty much like any other flight.

cowboy's comment: you dump fuel because you have time to dump. It can take up
to 45min plus depending on BRW. It may not be that great an emergency, a PAN
maybe. If there is a genuine emergency such as an uncontrollable engine fire
after take off then the aeroplane can land at max take off weight. The
approach speed will still be Vref set at 1.3 Vs for the particular flap
configuration used for land. The approach speed will be high but , I told way
back that if the aeroplane could take off on the runway it could land on it.
Charts bear this out.

In a genuine emergency don't stuff around, get on the ground.

if you are going to dump I was taught , over water , clear of cloud above
6000ft, and not in a holding pattern so you fly back through it. If you dump
over land and the press report it you can bet your last dollar that every
house wife in a four hundred mile radius will claim to be doing the washing
and had it all ruined.


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