Re: Does B737-400/500 have dump fuel system?

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:59 
From: (MCL757)
Organization: AOL
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>Recently I know that  B737-400/500 dosen't have fuel dump system ?
>why ?

The reson for fuel dump systems is because large long range aircraft carry a
lot of fuel which, in normal circumstances, will be burned off during the trip,
and then there will be a landing without all of that fuel on board.

But, if there is a problem which requires a return to the airport, the fuel
must be dumped to lower the weight of the aircraft down to the maximum landing
weight to avoid bending the airplane.

Widebody aircraft carry a lot of fuel which adds up to a lot of weight.  If the
airframe was designed to be able to cope with a landing with all the fuel on
board it would be way too heavy.  Smaller aircraft like the 737 don't have fuel
dump systems because the fuel doesn't usually cause the aircraft to be over its
maximum landing weight.  The maximum takeoff weight and the maximum landing
weight are much closer together on a smaller aircraft.
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