CO ETOPS 757's

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:58 
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>does anybody know why CO has certified these 757's as ETOPS, or were
>they delivered to them already certified? What ETOPS required routes
>are they flying with them? Are all of CO's 757s ETOPS?

CO flies them trans-Atlantic.  EWR-GLA (CO 16, and 17 return) and
EWR-BHX (CO 26/27) are two such routes operated with the 757.  Their
oldest 757 is only about four years old, and they've been flying them
across the pond for a while, so I'd guess they were delivered as ETOPS.
Probably all of them, too, as they all appear to be the same config,
though I can't tell for sure.

I don't know if they fly them to Hawaii yet, but if not, they will soon,
or at least Continental Micronesia (Air Mike) will -- the Island Hopper
(HNL-GUM with eight (?) stops along the way) is supposed to switch from
a 727 to a 757 within the next several years.  It appears they may need
at least 90-minute ETOPS on that route, and will certainly need ETOPS if
they fly the planes between Hawaii and the 48 states in service.  (Since
Air Mike has a dedicated fleet, they could simply ferry them across.)

>We cannot find in our reservations
>system any ETOPS routes CO flies with the 757.

You'd better check your reservations system to see what else it's

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