Re: Airbus Safety

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:55 
From: (John S. Maddaus)
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
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"Tarver Engineering" <> wrote:
>JF Mezei wrote in message ...
>>Airbus' 320 introduced to the commercial aviation world a totally new
>>concept of quality control: SOFTWARE. This is something which the FAA
>>failed to realise early on (hence the 320's getting its certification
>>before it should have) because the FAA had not had to deal with this

Interestingly, one of the SW QC efforts that I heard about years ago
(sorry can't remember the source but I believe it was in a GD proposal
to the Army DIVAD program citing their QC efforts on the F-16 program
and what they had learned via AI) was that AI had three separate
development organizations develop the same functional code.  These
three organizations did not know the others existed and were located
in three different countries.  The theory behind this was that AI
would catch more bugs in critical flight control sw this way because
each group would develop differently, discover different bugs, and
would provide AI with better de-bugging capabilities (hence higher
quality sw) when the time to integrate the sw into the hw took place.
Oddly, what they found was that bugs detected during testing were very
much the same across groups with few exceptions, even though the code
may have been significantly different.