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Date:         24 Jan 98 14:46:53 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>I thought the 717 (KC-135) actually had a *narrower* fuselage than the
>>707, not just a shorter one.

>It does indeed, which is why the KC135 really is a different airframe
>than the 707. The KC135 is the sucessor to the Dash-80.

If you're suggesting that the KC-135 and not the 707 is the successor to
the Dash-80 because they have the same fuselage width, you're wrong --
the KC-135 is wider than the 367-80, but not as wide as the 707.

The Dash-80 was the prototype for both the 707 and KC-135.  Despite the
707's upper lobe subsequently being widened by an additional four
inches, both could reasonably be considered direct successors to the

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