Re: 319 Dutch Roll?

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:51 
From:         "R.R.B.777" <>
Organization: Wanadoo - (Client of French Internet Provider)
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John Vincent Lombardi a écrit dans le message ...
>My experience is that the A319 has a Dutch roll tendency that is not well
>damped. It makes me wonder how the A318 will handle, with an even shorter
>fuselage. The A320 is better, but still rides poorly in the aft cabin in
>choppy air. The A321 is probably better still.

In my experience, I haven't noticed a difference between the A319 and 320,
surprisingly this phenomenon seemed to me more sensitive on the A321-100
(A321-200 is behaving much better though) . Is anybody having the same
feeling ?