Re: 319 Dutch Roll?

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:49 
From: (Onat Ahmet)
Organization: Kyoto University, JAPAN
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In "John Vincent Lombardi"'s opinion;
: My experience is that the A319 has a Dutch roll tendency that is not well
: damped. It makes me wonder how the A318 will handle, with an even shorter
: fuselage. The A320 is better, but still rides poorly in the aft cabin in
: choppy air. The A321 is probably better still.

Does that mean the dutch roll tendency diminishes as the fuelage
length increases? But how about the flexing of the fuselage because
of the dutch roll; these should introduce some delayed rudder (fin!) input
and perhaps aggravate the situation? So, perhaps the flexing offsets the
advantages of a longer moment arm?

Thanks for comments.

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