Re: 757PF Vs DC-8

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:41 
From: (AEVorKRC)
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On 03 Nov 98 02:05:31 , Andrew Oliva <> wrote:
>I'm looking for the capacity differences between the 757 and DC-8's that
>UPS uses. I was at MEM[phis] a few nights ago (Yes, I do work for the
>competition) and saw (and heard) that a DC-8 had been substituted for one
>of the 57's.

  I wish I remembered the details, but the DC-8-70s used by UPS have,
IIRC, 18 or 19 positions, while the 757 has 14 or 15.  Such
substitutions weren't uncommon here - depends on the expected load.
We normally got 57s at TUL, but once in a while we'd get a 727-100 or
a DC-8-70.  The DC-8s usually showed up around the holidays, along
with C-130s, according to friends of mine at Evergreen (who handles
UPS's ground ops here.)

>I assume that the DC-8's while seemingly close in capacity to the 757's
>have a greater range.

  They do, but it doesn't matter much, domestically.  I don't know
what the route in to/out of SDF is in regard to MEM, but the 57s that
came through here ran non-stop from SDF to TUL and then continued to
OKC where they parked for the day.  Nothing for a DC-8 or 757 (or 727,
for that matter.)