Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:40 
From: (David Lesher)
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Wed I ended up on a A320 from ORD to DCA. {This due to a bad fuel
gauge on the 727 on the previous leg, and a blown connection.}

As we boarded I noted a fact worth of note -- you CAN fit FOUR
technicians as well as the crew into the cockpit... No circus clowns

After we were seated, the captain announced he needed to "turn off
the lights for a minute..." and then proceeded to reboot the entire
aircraft. Not even emergency exit lighting stayed on; the only
illumination was via the open door and the jetway.

The fun part was the POST sequence. First the lights came back, then
the LCD screens cranked down, up, down, up [One a few rows ahead
stuck halfway the 2nd time; it backed up and tried again....];
meanwhile the FA call lights went into lamp-test mode, blinking away
row by row.

My seat neighbor discovered the call buttons were inop as we heard the
engines start -- he wondered if reporting same would get the flight
cancelled, and if that was good or bad... {They, and the reading
lamps, started working during the taxi...}

During the safety spiel, the screens retracted yet again, then

After we landed, I then told him the good news and the bad -- "Bill
Gates and NT were nowhere near the airplane; but it was built by the
English and the French arguing over every detail..."

I think I'll stick to Boeing in the future...
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