Re: A/C on fire

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:37 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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J P McLaughlin wrote:
> Both of those a/c were descending as quickly as they thought prudent and
> both appear to have lost control before being low enough to consider any
> kind of controlled landing--airport or not.

But this doesn't answer the initial question.  In both SR111 and
Valuejet cases, the pilots were still heading for an airport and acted
so until they lost control.

In such cases, would it not increase the survavibility rates if pilots
chose to crash land ASAP instead of aiming for next airport ? I.E. would
survavibility not increase if pilot crash lands before loosing control
of aircraft compared to loosing control while still in the air ?

But this bring up the question of the decision to lose all hope to reach
airport and crash land. I guess by the time the situation gets dire
enough for this decision to become obvious, it is too late anyways.

My gut feeling would be to bring aircraft down ASAP to about 500 feet
altitude and then make the way to the airport. If you lose control, then
you don't fall from as high, if you make it to airport, then the only
harm will be the fact that you flew so low..