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Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:35 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>A few years back a DC-10 in Europe attempting to land with a fire on board
>>did just that.
>>There were some survivors. The flight attendants reported that they were
>>unable to evacuate most of the passengers due to them already being dead
>>in their seats from smoke.

>Can you post details?  Only DC-10 crash I know of in Europe was the
>THY one in France in 1972-3.

I know of four DC-10 losses in Europe (and no other European DC-10
accidents involving passenger fatalities):

date         flight         reg     model      fatal location
----         ------         ---     -----      ----- --------
03-Mar-1974  THY 981        TC-JAV  DC-10-10    346  Ermonville Forest (near Paris)
02-Jan-1976  Saudia         N1031F  DC-10-30CF    0  Istanbul
13-Sep-1982  Spantax        EC-DEG  DC-10-30CF   50  Malaga
21-Dec-1992  Martinair 495  PH-MBN  DC-10-30CF   56  Faro, Portugal

THY 981 was of course the cargo door failure.  The Saudia accident in
Istanbul was a runway excursion after a landing in fog (destroying the
aircraft but causing no fatalities), Malaga was an aborted takeoff, and
Faro was a botched landing after a microburst destabilized the aircraft
on approach.

None of these sound like what the previous poster had in mind, but at
least one accident does meet that description except it wasn't a
DC-10.  Varig 820, a 707-345C (reg PP-VJZ) was in the landing pattern
for Paris - Orly at the end of a GIG-ORY flight.  A fire was reported
and an emergency declared.  The situation rapidly decayed and with smoke
seriously limiting cockpit visibility, the pilots decided to put the
plane down in a field approximately 5km short of the runway.  The
fuselage remained intact and ten crewmembers were able to escape, but
it took 6-7 minutes for firemen to arrive.  They were able to evacuate
only four additional occupants, three of whom subsequently died.  A
total of 116 passengers and 7 crewmembers died.

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