Re: A/C on fire

Date:         20 Nov 98 02:30:31 
From: (MCL757)
Organization: AOL
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>The result is that the landing speed on a modern commercial jet is so
>high that an off-field landing is virtually impossible without
>destroying the aircraft.

Figure the stall speed on an airliner(Vso)  to be around 100kts
depending on the weight of the aircraft.  Landing speed is called Vref
and =Vso x 1.3, and depending on the airline policy you fly the approach
at Vref+5,  so landing speeds average around 135kts plus the current
wind and half of the gust.  So if your stall speed at a given weight is
100kts and there is 5kts of wind gusting to 9kts, your landing speed
will be 142kts.

That's pretty fast to attempt an off field landing, and airplanes break
real easy...

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