Re: Aircraft Service Life

Date:         03 Nov 98 02:05:54 
From:         andyweir <>
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>>What are any of these figures (in cycles, flying hours, or years) for
>aircraft currently in service or production.

>Hoghest time I know of is TWA's high-time 747, N53110, which was
>retired in February with 105,759 hours and 19,163 cycles.

Japan Airlines 747 SPs were designed for very many short flights, down to
30 minutes even, because the mountainous terrain makes it economical. I
read somewhere that those delivered in the mid-70s were expected to do
52,000 cycles over a 20-year period.

[Moderator's note: That would be SR, not SP.  The 747SP was designed for
very long flights and as such would not have needed a higher cycle life
than a standard 747.  -- Karl]