Re: Mystery over 1992 El-Al crash

Date:         03 Nov 98 02:05:52 
From:         "john r." <>
Organization: silence
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In article <airliners.1998.1704@ohare.Chicago.COM>, David Lesher <> writes
>The Dutch press and Los Angeles Times reporter Carol Williams have
>been looking into mysteries surrounding the 1992 El Al crash in
>Amsterdam. [Moderator; add date/details??]
>It appears the flight was carrying hazardous cargo, including
>chemicals used in the manufacture of nerve gas. But the flight
>manifest is missing. Further many hours of video tape taken
>by the Dutch rescue forces have been erased.

Its always a mystery as to what it being carried on freighters, even to
the airline concerned.

Investigation into the loss of the South African combi 747 in the Indian
Ocean by fire, on a flight from Japan to SA, was hampered by freight
forwarders being uncooperative about what was actually in the

john r.