Re: A/C on fire

Date:         03 Nov 98 02:05:47 
From:         "C. Elberfeld" <*nospam*>
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> I wonder if it wouldn't be
> prudent to plan to "crash-land" the aircraft.  The pilot would have to get
> down as fast as possible and in an area that would hopefully would give some
> measure of survivability.  But going low and slow enough might give the
> option of continuing on to the nearest airport or else crash in control if
> the situation rapidly deteriorates.  Is this a viable consideration?

In a bad cabin fire, even this may not be fast enough. Consider
the 1973 VARIG 707 fire at Paris. The crew made an outstanding
off airport landing with little damage to the aircraft. Nearly
all the passengers, however, had already been incapactated by
the dense smoke and were unable to escape.

I don't know the the French safety board ever considered if it
might have been better to attempt an on-airport landing where
emergency  services would have been available to rescue passengers and
supress the fire.