Re: 319 Dutch Roll?

Date:         03 Nov 98 02:05:43 
From:         "John Vincent Lombardi" <>
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>Flew for the first time on a 319 yesterday, and was surprised at how often
>Dutch roll developed and how long it lasted.  Was this bird's yaw damper
>not working correctly or is this common on the 319?  Anybody know
>definitively?  (Note:  Definitely not intended as an AI slam:  Overall I
>was very impressed with the 319, at least as configured by Air Canada.)

My experience is that the A319 has a Dutch roll tendency that is not well
damped. It makes me wonder how the A318 will handle, with an even shorter
fuselage. The A320 is better, but still rides poorly in the aft cabin in
choppy air. The A321 is probably better still.

I would be interested if anyone has more technical information on this
problem. I had heard a theory that related to the deletion of the load
alleviation system in the A319 and the reprogramming that was required. That
seemed plausible at the time, but the new delivery 320's are not equipped
with LAF, and there isn't a noticeable deterioration in ride quality.

John Lombardi