Re: 777-style cabin windows on 767-400(ER)

Date:         03 Nov 98 02:05:34 
From: (MCL757)
Organization: AOL
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>Even if this is no direct answer to your question, I remember that the CEO of
>called the 764 a new type of aircraft. Thus commonality with the 763 and 772
>must be reduced. This was one of the reasons why AA hasn't chosen the 764 so
>far. So the 764 seems indeed to be a lot different (gear, wing, engines,
>cockpit, interior, windows ...) from the classic 767s. Can we start talking
>767NG ;)

I just want to add that the 764ER's glass cockpit can be configured to
represent the same gauges as the "first genertaion"  :-)  767s.. just the same
as it works in the NG737s.

There are differences, but I don't think they are as great in terms of fleet
commonality as the AA CEO thinks...?

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