Re: Boeing 747-400

Date:         26 Oct 98 03:00:00 
From: (MCL757)
Organization: AOL
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>Was up with a student today (9.27).  Watched a British Airways 747-400
>depart from Sea-Tac, cross BFI at about 800 ft. AGL, and then make a 180
>degree turn and return, landing downwind on Rwy.  16 at Sea-Tac.
>Maneuverability of the aircraft was impressive.  Told it was an
>emergency landing.  Anybody have any more info?

I don't know anything about it, but BA brought a -400 into SEA, instead of a
-200?   It's been years since I've seen a BA -400 here.
Anxiously awaiting info on this emergency landing...

Matt in Seattle
Student Pilot
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