Re: Cell phones in cockpit for emergency use ?

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:56 
From: (John Wright)
Organization: Janet, me and our cats in our little cottage
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On 12 Oct 98 00:02:43 , in <airliners.1998.1638@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Arthur Leung wrote:
>as you mention, activating more than one cell may confuse the
>cell switches.  however, many private pilots carry a handheld
>aviation radio with transmit and receive capability.  many of
>these units also have a VOR function.  these are not high
>power units, so their range may be limited, but they probably
>have more worldwide coverage than your average cell phone system.

My Icom handheld has an output power of 5.0W - and at, say, 10,000 feet
I can talk to people at the same height more than 200 miles away. My GSM
mobile has a power output of 1 watt - but the real problem with range in
GSM is the timing delay - the TDMA scheme mandates a maximum delay which
equates to a maximum of about 35km from the nearest base station. At
ranges greater than that - over the sea for example - I could receive a
signal from a base station but would not be able to use it because of
the timing delays. (Other rules may apply for AMPS, D-AMPS, CDMA, ETACS
etc. but GSM is the most widely used scheme in the world.
John Wright

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