Re: Cell phones in cockpit for emergency use ?

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:54 
From:         JF Mezei <>
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BP II wrote:
> There are Air Phones available on some airliners. But, they really are not
> necessary.

If an aircraft's radios go down, it is pretty likely that the passenger
air-phones will also be down. Hence my suggestion to ask for a PAX
cell-phone with its own battery.

> If an A/C lost all possibilities for communication, all would not be lost.
> Even on sunny days, Airliners fly on an IFR plan this gives him the routing
> that he will fly, and times to expect further clearance on hand-offs.

But if it gets bad enough that even the radio has failed, chances are that
the pilot might want a new routing to the nearest airport or contact the ATC.

> If he
> looses the radios, all he has to do is squawk 7600 on his transponder, which
> is the applicable code.

Good point. But he could still be needing help from ground (or at least
contact them to advise to prepare for emergency). Imagine if Sioux-City had
not been told about the UA 232 coming in.

> I guess if he needed to he could use the phone.  Who would know the number
> to O'Hare TRACON though? There must be hundred of phone numbers listed for
> O'Hare.

You probably know the number of your airline's operation centre, and they
would be able to put you in touch or relay information. (And take down your
cell phones number so that the right people can re-phone you if connection
is lost).