Re: Swissair MD11 Crash - additional details

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:45 
From: (Steve Kropla)
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On 16 Oct 1998 19:02:07 GMT, (Lothar
König) wrote:

>What will happen, when all aircrafts are flying "fly by wire"?.....

Probably the same thing that happened before they flew by wire.  There
will be mishaps, unfortunately.  Sometimes design defects will only be
known after a tragedy, as in the case of the Lockheed Electra and the
DC-10, or procedural/training problems as in the case of the early
727s.  Weather, pilot fatigue/error, fire and mechanical failure all
resulted in disasters or near-disasters long before the introduction
of on-board computers and flight management systems.  Sad but true.

Keep in mind that while Airbus may have pioneered the so-called "fly
by wire" concept, they did not invent the airplane crash.  These
systems probably do introduce a new level of complexity into an
already extremely complex system.  But there is no reason to believe
that they will result in anything worse than what occurred before they
were created.

Steve Kropla
Kingwood, Texas USA
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