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Date:         24 Jan 98 14:46:46 
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>> Why airbags? Why not instead turn the seats and ride back first? Then you
>> would have support for the whole body in case of  a 'normal' crash.

>The Comet I of BOAC had 8 seats in a 'vis-a-vis' configuration resulting in 4
>'back first' position out of 36 first class seats.

Southwest also has a set of seats like this on most of their planes,
though not on the new 737-700s.  It's six backwards seats facing six
forwards ones, of course.  I've heard them referred to as party seating
though I don't know if that's what Southwest's calls them.

The first row on at least some USAir DC-9s was backwards, too.  I flew
in one of those seats once.  It was a bit weird, not going backwards
but feeling like you were on a stage, with the rest of the cabin as the

I'm sure there are other airlines with similar arrangements for a few
rows, but not the whole cabin.  (No need to enumerate all of them here.)

The military (at least in the US, but probably elsewhere) uses all rear-
facing seats on transports so equipped.  They don't give a damn what the
"passengers" think, so they go for safety.  I've walked through a C-9A
Nightingale (military DC-9-30) which had seating in the latter half, and
it certainly did look weird at first!

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