Re: UA A321 ?

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:29 
From:         "Michael Weiss" <>
Organization: Microsoft Corp.
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H Andrew Chuang wrote in message ...
>If Boeing's intent at that time was to increase the range
>of the B737, they would have redesigned the wing, just like they did
>with the third-generation B737.

And it looks like that wing redesign may result in an increase of 737 sales
at the expense of 757s. As an example, CO has flown 757s between SEA and EWR
for years, despite them rarely going full. Now that their 737-800s are
starting to show up, they're replacing (effective Nov 1) the 757s with 737s
on that route. [as a side note, I'm going to miss the easy access to
first-class seating on that route]

I wonder how many other such routes exist, and what impact that will have on
Boeing profits? Clearly, it's more cost-effective for the airline, which
could translate into more aircraft purchased. OTOH, the 757 is a more
expensive aircraft (is the profit higher, too?) than the 737, so if it
*doesn't* translate into more total aircraft purchased, it would result in a
reduction of revenues (and maybe profits) for Boeing.

Just some food for thought,