Landing Boeing 747 pictures

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:22 
From:         Chris PAPADOPOULOS <>
Organization: Kingston University
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I am doing research on the use of ailerons as a means of directiona l
control whilst the aircraft has main gears on the ground with both
the nose up and during three point aero brakeing. I am nearing the
thesis stage and am in need of a particular type of icture.

I am looking for pictures of B747's at the point of touchdown
showing the use of spoilers and/ or ailerons, or with one main
undercarriage off the ground, or all of the above. Does anybody have
any? The pictures are to be used to illustrate the use of co rols
during landings for a report that I am writing. Other aircraft in the
same circumstances would also be useful but B747's are prefferred.
Pictures that show engine strike are a plus. or if anybody has
information about a video that might show a vantig point from over
the left shoulder showing a landing during rough conditions. That
would also be helpful. Please email me. All picture formats link
locations or video references are welcome.

Thanks in advance


Chris Papadopoulos
Kingston University
tel:+44 181 547 2000 ext 4703