Re: Swissair MD-11 (SR 111, JFK-GVA) crash off Nova Scotia

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:19 
From:         Richard Rea <>
Organization: ArosNet Internet Services
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>Would it not be useful if for some reason all the inputs failed in a
>pattern ie: did not all fail simultaneously, this could throw some
>light on the nature of the failure. If this type of information could
>be useful then backup batteries may well be of some  benefit.

It also leads that the CVR should be able to record an entire flight's
cockpit conversation, rather than being in a time-limited loop.  Technology
has come far enough that this is relatively easily accomplished.  Granted it
costs a lot when you demand upgrading systems in the fleet, but if more
information is available to help *prevent* similar accidents, then the
savings are multiplied many times over.  After all, isn't this the point, to
make flying safer with each passing year?