Re: Sighted a shock wave above airliner wing

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:09 
From: (Robin Johnson)
Organization: Customer of Southern Internet Services
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"Russell Farris" <> wrote:
>To see it is a rare privilage, like the Green Flash and Blue >Jets.

I too have seen these shockwaves, quite different from the
condensation effects.  I remember standing by the control tower at
Farnborough during practice before the air show some time ago when a
military jet did a fast low pass.  The shock wave was clearly visible
and extended 8-10 feet above and below the aircraft.  The noise was
also noticeable!
I have also seen the Green Flash (from an aircraft flying from Nadi
due South at dawn).  But what is the Blue Jet (pardon my ignorance)?

Robin Johnson