Re: A3XX - to launch, or not to launch

Date:         26 Oct 98 02:59:08 
From:         "Gilles Armstrong" <>
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    Although your maths are no doubt right, there are a few other points you
do not mention: part of the point of the A3XX is to be able to offer a full
family of aircraft, so as to offer complete "solutions" to airlines, thus
saving on retraining etc... The extra aircraft sold will reduce the strict
amount of A3XX to be sold to break even (significant knock-on effect).
People like BA buy aircraft with families in mind, and it would be
surprising if their recent purchase had nothing to do with a future
acquisition of A3XXs.

    Also, the slump in orders that is happening, and will no doubt last a
while, will definitely not be long enough to worry development of the
aircraft. More than likely, things will be picking up again when/if the
aircraft is released. Think of it as counter-cyclical investment. (by luck
if not by design)

    I agree that they won't scrap it, but also I think they will go ahead at
"European Speed" for a while, before going for it fully (probably as signs
of the crisis wane).

            Gilles Armstrong.