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Date:         24 Jan 98 14:46:41 
From:         "Matthew Lehde" <>
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gmj wrote in message ...
>I know that the manufacturing process for the next generation of 73's has
>changed, but does the aircraft still use the same radome, nose and fuselage
>as the others (although they may be manufactured differently).?

I think the fuselage is identical because changing it for no reason would
cost a fortune in development, new drawings, retooling, testing,
certification, lack of fleet commonality for the customers (airlines would
have to stock 2 differnt types of radomes among other things), the 737 is a
proven design.  Also, Boeing is still producing the 2nd generation models,
and having two different designs would be a big headache.
I think the 3rd generation 737s mostly just incorporate new avionics, more
efficient engines, and a redesigned larger wing to increase fuel capacity
and wing performance/efficiency.