Re: 747 wing flexibility

Date:         13 Oct 98 02:48:24 
From:         Don Stauffer <>
Organization: honeywell
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Tony Schlemmer wrote:
> steve <> wrote:
> > Through a training film I have seen, I believe the initial strength testing
> > of the 747 wing flexed it in a upward direction to a load more than twice
> > it's designed strength and it finally shattered the spar at 37 feet. FYI
> They showed this on an episode of "Wings". It was one heck of an "explosion"
> when the wing finally broke.

Yet it is also possible for wings to fail with very little visible
change, except on test station dials.

Our offices one time were moved into the mezzinine where the F-15 wing
was being static tested.  We could here creaks and groans all the time.
One time there was a big crack! sound.  A number of us rushed
downstairs.  There was quite a commotion, and a couple of the cables to
load pads seemed a little slack. Maybe there was some change in the
position of the wing- couldn't tell.  There were guys climbing all over
that airframe, but we could see no damage externally.  Admittedly we did
not actually see the event happen, but there sure was not much
difference between the appearance of the plane that morning and when we
left work in the afternoon.  It may have SOUNDED spectacular, but there
sure wasn't much to look at.

Don Stauffer in Minneapolis
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