Re: Cell phones in cockpit for emergency use ?

Date:         12 Oct 98 00:02:44 
From:         Robert Tremonti <>
Organization: National Organization Of Anarchists
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JF Mezei wrote:
> OK, cellphones are a big no-no for on airlines. But it seems that the biggest
> reason is because at altitude it "confuses" land-bases cell sites.
> However, if an airplane were to loose all power (or all radios), would it
> still be feasable to use a passenger's analog cell phoen to keep in touch with
> ATC/tower ? If so, should it now become part of the "drill" for pilots to
> request that a pax lend a cellphone as soon as problem is discovered just in
> case they may need one ?

(proposal to use cellular telephones for aircraft emergencies snipped
for brevity only)

All things considered, wouldn't it be much simpler to equip the aircraft
with a standard hand-held or other portable radio unit that operates on
avaition frequencies?  Why bother with all the exotics of cellulars when
a simple hand-held radio will do the job - including areas where there
is no cellular coverage.

R.A. (Bob) Tremonti
North Vancouver, BC