Re: Delta fuel / delta payload

Date:         12 Oct 98 00:02:28 
From: (Robin Johnson)
Organization: Customer of Southern Internet Services
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"Philippe CHESNEL" <> wrote:
>Thomas Buro a écrit dans le message ...
>>I am searching for the sensivity data of fuel burn to payload for
>>aircraft. How much fuel (kg) is burned more, when one kg of payload is
>>added to the aircraft. E.g. for a range of 1000 km, 5000 km and 10.000
>>km. Has anyone this data for actual aircraft types.
>That data is called K, the fuel transport coefficient ...

Very interesting posting.  Thank you.
Most A340 flights are long-range, so I imagine there would be few
routes where it is worth while uplifting excess fuel to save fuel
uplift at the next stop.  With shorter flights, there are probably
plenty where it is worth doing.  Are there any other factors taken
into these calculations, like higher engine maintenance costs due to
higher power usage for example?